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Warranty period

All new Supervane graphite vanes come with a one-month warranty from the product registration date. Registration must be completed immediately after installation. The storage period is unlimited. Supervane can therefore be stored for 10 years, and still be under warranty, as long as vane set has been registered upon installation.   


Registration is mandatory to start the product warranty period. You must register separately each set of vanes. We will need to know the set’s serial number, the vane’s serial number, and the equipment where the vanes have been installed.

Registration is a fast and easy process, which can be done through an online form at


  • No warranty is provided for unregistered vane sets.
  • Supervane grants a product warranty against manufacturing defects.
  • In the event of manufacturing defects, Supervane is obliged to replace it, free of charge, with an identical product. If the product is no longer manufactured, it will be replaced with a similar replacement of the same value or you will be offered an appropriate refund.
  • The Supervane warranty is granted under the explicit condition that the original manufacturer’s installation instructions have been observed, and that the product has been used on properly functioning equipment.
  • The Supervane warranty does not cover any defects or damage that has been caused by incorrect or improper installation, wear, improper handling or misuse.
  • The Supervane warranty does not cover vanes damaged in their cases, when Supervane vanes have been installed together with used vanes, or vanes that have been produced by another manufacturer.
  • Warranty claim should be made within one month of the product registration date.
  • Warranty claims should be created from your account on our website. Please login to your account, proceed to the "Products & Warranty” section and find a product from the list of registered vane sets. Click on the "Claim Warranty” button next to the product and input all the important information about your warranty case. You should also attach images of the broken vanes and the pump that have been installed, before submitting the form. We will then contact you with instructions on how to send the broken vanes to us.
  • All vanes that are subject to a warranty claim must be returned to Supervane for inspection within 30 days from the claim date. Products being returned for warranty inspection must include a copy of the customer’s invoice.
  • The warranty will not include any costs incurred for the shipping of defective products to Supervane or its authorised distributor.
  • Should a warranty claim become necessary, Supervane shall not be liable for the loss of the use of the product, any inconvenience, lost time, commercial losses or other incidental or consequential damages that may occur.

! In order to avoid vanes failures please observe the following installation check list and ensure that:

  • The pump’s non return valve is functioning properly.
  • The rotor and stator are cleaned from dust, small particles and rust.
  • The air filter is clean or replaced by a new one.
  • Rotor rotation is correct.
  • Vanes are installed correctly, according to the directions shown in the instructions (a sticker on the vanes set).
  • Before restarting the pump check free movement of the vanes.
  • A new set of vanes installed at once (don’t mix Supervane with used vanes or third party manufacturers).
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